Student Life

A rich and dynamic student life is unfolding at N.C.A.S., with abundant opportunities for our students to grow as future leaders. Our students have the opportunity to engage in a myriad of activities outside of the classroom, such as athletic, artistic, or service-oriented. Below is a list of our student-run clubs.

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Interscholastic Competitions

  • Art Competition
  • Spelling Bee
  • Robotic Competition
  • Chess Competition

Stream Clubs

  • NSBE (Engineering & Science)
  • R2D2 (Coding & Robotics)
  • Book Dogs (Reading)
  • AYNIAKS (Scrabble & Spelling Bee)
  • Bull Casso (Art)
  • Howling Dogs (Choir)
  • BDSquad (Athletics)
  • Checkmate (Chess & Connect Four)
  • Student Government

Social service Opportunities

  • Plant a Tree
  • Adopt a Parc
  • Adopt a Beach
  • Feed a Christmas Meal