Knowledge is key to your success! — Benjamin Franklin

Starting September 2019, high school students will transition from paper to digital textbooks. We will be implementing a hands-on approach to many of our classes and integrating STREAM (Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) from prekindergarten to 12 grade. We offer a wide variety of after-school and Saturday activities to the N.C.A.S. community and our neighbors: SAT and TOEFL prep courses, English classes for children, robotics competition, cooking/baking classes, chess club, and more.

At N.C.A.S., our classes have a low student-teacher ratio of 12:1. We have small classroom sizes because having fewer students means that each student can get the attention they need from their teacher. They are also encouraged to take part in discussions and driven to express their opinions.

We believe in teacher training to ensure that our students are receiving current information using the best approaches in order to prepare them for their future.


Number grades are given for all core subjects. Grades are an evaluation of what you have learned. They become part of a permanent record that last as you live. Institutions of higher learning, potential employers, and the various military services are interested in your school records. Credit is given for the successful completion of a course. Each course is assigned a fractional part or one unit of credit depending upon the amount of time that course meets. A course meeting for only one quarter would be worth 0.25 credits. One credit would be awarded for a class that meets for one year.

Letter Grade Numerical Equivalent
A – Outstanding 90 – 100
B – Good 80 -89
C – Fair 70 – 79
D – Poor 60 -69
F – Failure 59 – 0


Progress reports are given out at the mid-point of each quarter and parents are asked to sign them. Failure to return a Progress report automatically releases the school from academic responsibility.


Report cards are issued four times during the school year at the end of each quarter (every 8 weeks). In addition, parents will also be able to print a report card from the portal. A student needs to earn a minimal grade of 70% or C in order to pass a class.


Any student earning a number of unsatisfactory grades (D’s) or (F’s) in two or more subject areas will be placed on academic probation for the next grading period. The teacher and Dean of Student’s will review the student’s progress to ensure the student receives the support needed to earn a passing grade. Students may be placed on academic probation when there are no failures, but where the general level of work in several subjects is below the level of “C”. Students who do not raise their grades by the end of the school year will either be required to attend summer school or will not be promoted to the next grade.

Standardized Testing

9th and 10th graders take the PSAT each year. Sophomores and Seniors register to take the SAT and TOEFL test as to meet the requirements of graduation.


The college counseling office works with each student to empower and make informed choices that will honor and serve his/her interests and talents. The process is an extension of the high school program, which allows each student to explore his/her intellectual and creative strengths, passions and commitments, and unique identity. NCAS is proud that its students do not fit into any one mold, and this individuality is reflected in college choices that are both impressive and diverse.


We offer four types of diplomas:

Honors Diploma
Our honors diploma indicates that a student has achieved a high level of academic achievement. The requirements for receiving an honors diploma include higher level classes, such as foreign languages (besides French) and advanced placement courses.

General Diploma
Our general diploma indicates that the graduate has met the established basic graduation requirements. These requirements commonly include at least three years of science, math, history and English, along with an assortment of electives.

Occupational Diploma
Students who successfully complete one of our technology tracks will receive a vocational diploma as well as their General Diploma. A vocational program allows a student to not only focus on general subjects like general math, English and science, but it also provides them with the opportunity to focus on classes to help develop their vocational skills, such as IT support. This diploma indicates the successful completion of a job preparation program. The student will also be eligible to recive industry-recognized certifications along with their diplomas.

Graduate Equivalency Degree
Students who fail to finish a traditional high school course of study can still earn a general equivalency diploma, or GED.


All students who currently attend or have previously graduated from N.A.S. or N.C.A.S., and need their transcripts sent to a college or university should complete the online transcript request form.

Please allow 15 business days for all transcript request. Copies of diplomas are not part of our permanent records and thus we cannot provide a duplicate copy of your diploma. Official transcripts will verify graduation. The official transcript fee is $100.00.